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Pool Chemical Service

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Salt creates a premium swim experience with a wonderful soft water feel…and it costs the same as our standard chemical service!

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Pool Troopers – America’s Backyard Heroes’ are here to serve all of your pool service and repair needs throughout the year. We make it incredibly easy for our customers to relax by the pool instead of having to worrying about the condition of their pool. At Pool Troopers, we take the pain out of pool maintenance by eliminating hassles and saving you money. Our pool chemical service packages were designed with your budget and time in mind. Starting at only $49 a month, all Pool Trooper customers receive free use of our salt chlorine generator and the peace of mind that your pool is in safe swim condition year round.

Pool cleaning doesn’t have to be the chore that everyone in the family dreads, even clearing up cloudy pool water. or cleaning a green pool. Instead of being frustrated or wasting your time, give us a call at Pool Troopers, and let us handle all of your pool cleaning needs. We offer a variety of pool cleaning service packages designed to fit your budget. Weekly or Bi-Weekly full service pool cleaning packages include everything your pool needs to remain clean and safe throughout the year, and come with our Total Clean Promise Guarantee.

At Pool Troopers, we know and understand pool repair like the back of our hand. We are pool motor repair and replacement experts, and promise we can fix anything that is wrong with your residential pool. Our pool repair services include motors, timers, lights, heaters, filters, pumps, drains, handrails and anything else that needs to be repaired or replaced. We are authorized to work on all brands of pool equipment, and we represent the leading brands in our industry.  We have pool cleaning services across Florida, Arizona, Nevada and Texas – check out our Houston Pool Cleaning Services and Dallas Pool Cleaning Services and many other cities across Texas.

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So what are you waiting for? Make your life easier, save money every year and automate your relaxation with America’s Backyard Heroes. We’ve got your back, so you can enjoy your swimming pool.

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