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When it comes to swimming in a clean pool, we refuse to take shortcuts.

Regardless of the pool cleaning service you choose, we do a full cleaning each and every time, and do not endorse the practice of spot cleaning. Below are three of our most popular cleaning options that can be added to any chemical services (Required)


Weekly or Bi-Weekly FULL-Service Cleaning

(Starting at $65 Per Month)

Full Service Cleaning includes brushing tile and walls, vacuuming your pool, and cleaning all baskets, nets, and pool debris. We also check your water chemistry and clean your pool filter on its own separate schedule, based on your pool’s filter type and size.

Bi-Weekly residential pool cleaning is designed for screened in pools and saves our clients the costs of unnecessary cleanings due to the pool being enclosed.

Weekly residential pool cleaning is designed for unscreened pools which may require extra attention because of leaves or debris.


Brush/Basket/Filter (BBF) Services

(Starting at $40 Per Month)

Our BBF service is very popular with clients who own robotic pool cleaners or those just wanting some help with the pool. We brush the pool, clean out your baskets and the pool filter on a scheduled basis.


1. Monthly Backwash Service with Filter Recharge

(Starting at $20 Per Month)

This service is for owners of DE filters and includes our professional technician backwashing and re-charging your DE filter. The cost of the diatomaceous earth needed by your filter is included in the price.

Customized pool cleaning packages are available upon request.

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Pool Cleaning Service | Pool Troopers - FAQ

What is spot cleaning, and why don’t you endorse it?

Spot cleaning involves the practice of only brushing, vacuuming and cleaning areas of your pool that are visibly dirty. We provide a complete cleaning every time we visit.

Do you charge extra to clean the spa as part of the full service pool cleaning?

We include the cleaning of your spa for free, as part of our full service pool cleaning service.

Do all filter systems qualify for cartridge cleaning?

Yes, however some supersized cartridge filters require a mechanic to clean them 2 to 4 times per year and are quoted separately at start-up.

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