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Flower Mound Pool Service with Pool Troopers

Bay Area Pool Service – Home of the Pool Troopers originated in Tampa, Florida in 1952 as Chittenden Pool Supply. We became known as Bay Area Pool Service once the original Company was purchased by the Crayton family in 1971. When we made the decision in 2013 to expand into Texas, Arizona, Nevada and new parts of Florida we launched ‘Pool Troopers – America’s Backyard Heroes’ as our National Brand.

Your Flower Mound Area Pool Service Options

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It is well known that Flower Mound, TX is one of the most sought after places to live in the suburbs of Dallas. Bordered by beautiful Grapevine Lake, this area is a mecca for outdoor activities and is established with many exquisite communities located in this area.

Pool Troopers is happy to serve the Flower Mound Region where we service the entire north shoreline of Grapevine Lake to the Southwest corner of Lewisville Lake. From Emerald bay to Wichita Creek, Pool Troopers has had great experience maintaining residential pools in these luxury communities. Whatever the shape or size of your backyard pool, Pool Troopers can provide you the freedom to no longer worry about your pool maintenance- just enjoy family time in the pool. No more cloudy pool water or monitoring chlorine levels – just relax.

Why are we Different?
The question is posed many times, what separates us from the competition. Our main goal is to give you peace of mind, so every time you walk out to your pool, you know you are stepping in a safe and pristine pool. A pool with high water quality and your family’s health is our prime concern. A major factor in up keeping your pools water quality is access to our Free Salt Chlorine Generator which allows us to keep your water swim safe and beautiful while also allowing you to swim in a relatively low chemical pool experience. Clients love it, the inviting soft water feel and the low chlorine experience is one way we provide you freedom to simply enjoy your pool.

All of our pool services fall under our Worry Free Guarantee, which entails peace of mind when it comes to your pool. We provide a Total Clean Promise we don’t believe in spot cleaning. Every pool service appointment also entails an equipment check and notification to you if your equipment has any issues. Emergencies do happen we also give you Priority Repair support where we will fix your pool issue in the quickest manner possible

We can be Reached Anytime!
Pools are our passion and we would like to offer our services to the entire Flower Mound community. If you ever have a question regarding pool chemicals, cleaning, repair or any other issue regarding your swimming pool, please give us a call or send us an email anytime. We are your Backyard Heroes!

Flower Mound

Flower Mound, Texas

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