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Grapevine Pool Service with Pool Troopers

Bay Area Pool Service – Home of the Pool Troopers originated in Tampa, Florida in 1952 as Chittenden Pool Supply. We became known as Bay Area Pool Service once the original Company was purchased by the Crayton family in 1971. When we made the decision in 2013 to expand into Texas, Arizona, Nevada and new parts of Florida we launched ‘Pool Troopers – America’s Backyard Heroes’ as our National Brand.

Your Grapevine Area Pool Service Options

Get the Best Pool Service in Grapevine, TX

For the highest quality pool service, Grapevine, Texas residents know they can depend on Pool Troopers for all their pool maintenance and repair needs. At Pool Troopers, we have based our business on providing homeowners with the freedom to enjoy their swimming pool without worrying about the maintenance. Whether you need pool chemical service, pool cleaning or repairs, Pool Troopers will be there to keep your pool in tip-top condition and ready for your next swim! No more cloudy pool water – just swimming.

America’s Backyard Heroes
Pool Troopers of Grapevine has over 60 years’ experience behind our name; we were dubbed America’s Backyard Heroes with good reason! We want to be your backyard hero too! Our pool technicians are some of the most experienced and best trained in the business, staunchly standing by our Worry Free Guarantee of excellent service. In addition, we never ask our customers to sign a contract; instead, we are convinced that our service will speak for itself and that once you try our service, you too will become a loyal Pool Trooper customer.

We serve the greater Grapevine area, including homes in Lakeview Estates, Stone Bridge Oaks, Silver Lake Estates, and Cannon Homestead. You may have already seen our Pool Trooper trucks in your neighborhood, heading out to service one of the many pools that we handle in the Grapevine area. We offer several different pools cleaning and service packages, including weekly and bi-weekly options that many of your neighbors may already be using.

Pool Trooper Maintenance Services
At Pool Troopers, our primary job is to provide you the freedom to enjoy your pool. Period. Instead of needing to continuously spend time and money maintaining your chemical balance and keeping your pool clean during your spare time, we can do all of that for you, at a reasonable rate. Our experienced pool technicians can maintain your pool’s chemical balance, clean your filter and baskets, brush your pool walls, vacuum your pool, skim your pool, and make sure all your pool equipment is working correctly. In addition, we offer pool repair and special services, such as backwash service, to cover all your pool maintenance needs.

One of the benefits of being a Pool Trooper customer is the free use of our salt chlorine generator. These devices help create a better swimming experience, with fewer chemicals needed to maintain a safe, healthy pool. While these devices can cost well over a thousand dollars to install in your pool, Pool Trooper customers can use one of ours for free when they use our service. It is just one of the many ways we go above and beyond to make our customers happy with our service.

If you are ready to experience the freedom of enjoying your pool without all the hassles of maintenance, give us a call, and let our team take care of you. We offer affordable rates and a variety of pool cleaning and maintenance packages to meet your needs. The next time a Pool Trooper truck is driving through your neighborhood in Grapevine, we hope we are scheduled to stop by your home!


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