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Houston Pool Service with Pool Troopers

If you live in Houston, you know it can get hot, and there is no better way to relax than in the comfort of your own swimming pool. Pools are an amazing place to catch your breath, enjoy family time and ease your mind. Unfortunately many times, pools and their maintenance can cause significant stress, especially a cloudy pool. At Pool Troopers we believe it is our purpose to provide you Freedom from this pool stress. Let us relieve this unease by taking care of your swimming pool care needs allowing you to spend more time with your friends and family poolside.

Your Houston Area Pool Service Options

Pool Troopers specializes in pool cleaning services, chemical treatment and pool repair of any residential pool, big or small, simple or complex all over the Houston area. Our areas of service encompass Cypress, Richmond and Stafford. We cover some of the most prestigious neighborhoods in the Houston area such as Pearland and River Oaks. Our reach extends from around Needville, up to the Woodlands and if you ever have a question regarding our services in a certain area outside of Houston, feel free to contact us at any time.

Where it all Start’s
Pool Troopers prides itself on being the epitome of pool service in Houston, and the foundation for this excellent craft is our knowledgeable Pool Trooper Professionals. Every Pool Trooper Professional is trained in house in order to assure you receive not only the best pool care, but also a well-mannered and pleasant technician at every appointment.

Along with the best technicians in the industry, Pool Troopers also uses the highest quality products in order to make your swimming experience as safe and pleasant as possible, in terms of water quality. As a client of Pool Troopers, you are also entitled to the use of our Salt Chlorine Generator, FREE giving you the best low chlorine swimming experience available, all while keeping your family swim safe.

Why we do this?
Why provide all of these different services to pool owners in the Houston area? The answer is simple, we strive to do everything possible in order to assure you of our Worry Free Guarantee. This enables you to focus more on your family, instead of having to spend countless hours maintaining your pool. We also hold a No Contracts Ever guarantee where we let our performance judge whether you keep us as your trusted Houston pool maintenance company

Whether you have a question regarding a specific problem with your current pool or if you would like to inquire about our services, we encourage you to give Houston Pool Troopers a call today or email us here!


Houston, Texas

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