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Southlake, Texas


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Southlake Pool Service with Pool Troopers

We service pools in the entire community of Southlake, Texas, from the beautiful homes in Estes Park Estates and Cambridge Place to the large neighborhoods of Stone Lakes and Timarron. With so many homes with pools in Southlake, you will see our professional Pool Trooper trucks heading out to clean pools in these areas on a regular basis. We have over 60 years of experience behind our name, which is why so many of your neighbors trust us to take excellent care of their pools. Call us today to learn more about becoming our next Southlake Pool Trooper customer!

Your Southlake Area Pool Service Options

Southlake Pool Owners Can Trust Pool Troopers

When Southlake pool owners need their pool repaired or maintained, they want experts that can do the job right. At Pool Troopers, our primary job is to provide you the freedom to enjoy your pool. We offer the highest level of service and experience, with technicians that are well trained and professional. Find out why so many of your Southlake neighbors, such as Keller and Trophy Club, Texas, are choosing Pool Troopers for their regular pool maintenance and repairs.

Pool Troopers Exceptional Service

One the most important aspects of Pool Troopers is to provide you the freedom to enjoy your swimming pool without the hassle of performing all of the maintenance. Part of that commitment to service is showing up on time, every time. We promise to do your pool cleaning on the scheduled day, or we will credit your account. Need a repair? We will be there, once again, on time, or we won’t charge you for the first hour of service. This is our way of showing how serious we are about treating our customers’ right.

No Contracts-Ever!

At Pool Troopers, we want to earn our customer’s loyalty through our exceptional service, not through locking them into contracts. We offer competitive prices for our pool maintenance programs with no need to sign a contract. Our commitment to quality and professionalism is how we build relationships with our clients, not by making them sign on the dotted line. We provide all our customers with the same affordable rates. Again, no special contract required to get our best prices.

Enjoy Your Pool Without The Hassles

We offer a variety of pool maintenance programs to fit your needs, allowing you the freedom to enjoy your pool without all the worries and hassles of maintaining a clean, safe pool. Let us worry about your chemical balance and keeping your pool clean, week in and week out. We do the job right, from brushing the pool walls and basket cleaning to checking the chemical balance and skimming out any debris. We do this each and every time, making sure that your Southlake pool is kept “totally clean” as is our promise. In addition, we offer free use of our salt chlorine generator to our chemical service customers, which provides a higher water quality for swimming, with fewer chemicals. It is our way to ensure that our customers have the best pool experience every time they take a dip in their pool.


Southlake, Texas

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